Aside from his election and reelection, President Barack Obama’s biggest victory was perhaps the passage of the Affordable Care Act, for which he fought to give children up to age 26 the right to stay on their parents’ insurance plans. Times certainly have changed, and we wonder how many of 70,000 American troops who stormed the beaches of Normandy 69 years ago were “children” even younger than that.

If the president did make any remarks to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day today, we and a lot of others missed them. The @barackobama account, run by the non-political 501(c)4 social welfare group Organizing for Action, was focused exclusively on pushing immigration reform today, and the @whitehouse account was trying to sell the necessity of high-speed Internet access in the nation’s schools, while reminding the country that the president is a fighter when he wants to be.

Maybe President Obama is planning something amazing for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. A few words today would have been nice, though.