Is there a paralegal in the house? It’s been a while since we’ve been treated to fawning reports of adoring fans fainting away in the mere presence of President Obama, but in yet another “campaign” speech at a middle school in Mooresville, N.C., today, the president found himself giving out advice on how not to pass out during one of his speeches, reminiscing a bit in the process.

“It’s OK,” President Obama reassured the startled teachers, demonstrating a bit of his patented Obamacare method. “This happens. They’ll be all right. Just give them a little space. That’s why we’ve got the medics here. They’ll be OK.”

Despite speaking at a public school, Obama managed to elicit an “amen” from the assembled students and teachers.

Those who remained conscious heard the president’s promise to connect 99 percent of the nation’s students to broadband Internet in the next five years, though students at Moorseville didn’t seem to be necessarily hurting for high-tech.