We asked the same question when White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed the president had “no tolerance” for the IRS targeting conservatives if the charges were true — even though IRS officials had already admitted to harassing Tea Party groups. So why is Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur at today’s hearing denying that the IRS did anything wrong? Easy: if you think the IRS should be used as a tool to silence opposition, then what’s the problem?

But wait: Kaptur also pulled a Soledad O’Brien, entering a report from liberal magazine Mother Jones into the record as part of her defense of the IRS. And even though inspector general J. Russell George told her 79 groups were flagged for extra review because they had the words Tea Party, 9/12 or patriot in their name doesn’t mean that the IRS was targeting conservatives exclusively, right?



Suggesting that Kaptur is reading from prepared liberal talking points? Don’t overreach, now.


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