The world turned fully upside down today when Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin heckled President Obama during a national security speech, completing the 360-degree turn begun when Code Pink presented Republican Sen. Rand Paul with a hand-made thank-you valentine. Paul had won appreciation from both sides of the political aisle for his filibuster demanding Attorney General Eric Holder clarify the Obama administration’s policy on targeting American citizens with drones. As much as the president likes to stay above the dirty business of the war on terror, Paul and others insist he display leadership on the issue of targeting American citizens.

Paul posted a brief press release in response to the president’s speech:

I’m glad the President finally acknowledged that American citizens deserve some form of due process. But I still have concerns over whether flash cards and PowerPoint presentations represent due process; my preference would be to try accused U.S. citizens for treason in a court of law.

Paul’s stance on due process continues to flabbergast liberals who find themselves defending a rather “hawkish” President Obama and, by extension, George W. Bush. Much as MSNBC host Touré did, Media Matters’ Oliver Willis has come out of the closet as a drone program supporter, even under Bush.

Whatever it might have accomplished aside from allowing him to spike the Osama bin Laden football one more time, the president’s speech failed to settle the issue.