Do they teach the meaning of hyperbole in the Chicago Public Schools? In March, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis declared Rahm Emanuel the “Murder Mayor” and accused him of “murdering public services” and “murdering our ability to maintain public sector jobs.” And tonight, protesters will hold a vigil for the children “killed” by the mayor and the school board.

As Twitchy reported, protesters began marching Sunday with signs reading, “Rahm’s racist school closings spill student blood.” If there’s anything worth protesting, it’s the abysmal quality of Chicago’s public schools, despite teachers earning $76,000 per year on average (the second highest in the nation).

Well, as long as the protesters keep things civil, it’s all good. A drum circle should make things right.

For its part, the Chicago Board of Education says that closing 50 underutilized school buildings will allow the city to reallocate public funds to provide air conditioning in every classroom, upgraded Internet bandwidth, and iPads for all students in grade 3–8, among other improvements. At least one protester likens the school board’s vote to attempted genocide, though.

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