Acting IRS chief Steven Miller confessed before the Senate Finance Committee yesterday that his heart is broken over the sullied reputation of the IRS, now that the agency’s “horrible customer service” has been brought to light. We weren’t aware that the IRS had a good reputation to protect, but a report today that the IRS has also targeted adoptive parents for audit isn’t going to help matters.

Today on National Review’s website, David French shared the experience of his own audit and shared some disturbing statistics.

As we get word that the IRS has harassed a number of pro-life groups, including at least one alleged demand that a pro-life group not picket Planned Parenthood, check out this statistic: In 2012, the IRS requested additional information from 90 percent of returns claiming the adoption tax credit and went on to actually audit 69 percent.

Amazingly, Miller testified that a bigger budget would help prevent future abuses by the IRS, which both the New York Times and Washington Post reported is overworked and understaffed. Maybe not harassing adoptive parents would save some time?

Good question. One thing’s certain: when the IRS takes over health care, the agency will have all sorts of data.