Any farmer knows that pulling weeds is just another part of a mostly thankless job, so can you blame Occupy Oakland for losing its patience when conservatives started popping up everywhere in its Twitter timeline? Who, though, could resist pointing out the irony of the people of #OccupyTheFarm asking for donations of fresh greens? Twitter stalwart Sooper Mexican and friends certainly couldn’t.

The Huffington Post has all you need to know about Occupy the Farm, but in short, the University of California is looking to sell the site of its former International Center for Biological Control to a private developer. Occupy, though, began a “campaign of direct action farming and guerilla food distribution” last year to preserve Gill Tract as an urban farm. HuffPo reports that occupiers “cleared the farm’s weeds by hand and planted over two acres of vegetables,” but photos from today’s occupation don’t really show it.

There’s the shelter, but where’s the food? The first crop was reportedly twinklefingers.

Laugh all you like, conservatives (Sooper Mexican’s coverage will help facilitate that), but know that your ridicule stems from fear — fear that capitalism is eating itself. Now bring those salads and some hot food.

Look, some food grew!