We fully expect Sen. Barbara Boxer to beclown herself whenever possible — it’s her job, and she’s dedicated. She did her best to run interference for President Obama on the Senate floor this week by claiming that the GOP was responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, because they’d cut the budget that would have gone to properly secure the U.S. consulate there. The Washington Post gave that claim three Pinocchios, but that hasn’t kept US News Opinion managing editor Robert Schlesinger from tossing that dud grenade, or any other one within reach.

Schlesinger has his own fact-checker ready, and it’s not even US News, but the New York Times. Take that! But wait … that article is about the IRS scandal. It’s tough to keep all these “fake” scandals straight.

He should know that, but not even the president knows what’s going on in his own administration until he reads it in the newspaper.

Sprawling bureaucracy? Not even David Axelrod could get away with that excuse.