We’ll give MSNBC host Touré even more evidence for his theory; why not? NBC, CBS and ABC kicked off their evening newscasts tonight with news on the monster storms that devastated parts of Texas last night and killed at least six. Just a “local weather story,” right? Like that time Hurricane Sandy had scuba divers swimming in the New York subway tunnels.

You know what that proves, right? The American public doesn’t care about the IRS scandal or the Benghazi scandal or the AP scandal. Because as we all know, network news has long let public interest dictate what it chooses to cover, how much, and when.

Of course not. That’s like saying MSNBC is ideologically biased.

You know what else bugs Touré? That whole idea of covering both sides of an issue.

This example earned a coveted Touré retweet.

What’s this about then?

Dude, what scandal? Nobody cares about that.