Sen. Marco Rubio is just asking to be #FlaggedForAudit with that subversive (and “admittedly racist”) #TeaParty hashtag. One head might have rolled this afternoon with the resignation of the acting commissioner of the IRS, but that’s not going to be the end of it. Rubio blames the Obama administration’s culture of intimidation for allowing those “low-level employees” at the IRS to justify their targeting of conservatives.

For a journalist, Politico’s Ben White really isn’t showing a grasp of current events.

It’s true that the president has managed to avoid implication in the IRS’ shenanigans. After all, he doesn’t seem to have any idea what’s going on under his nose until he reads it in the newspaper.

What do you mean? Don’t read too much into Obama giving speeches encouraging audiences to “punish our enemies” by voting — because voting is the best revenge after all.

No, that’s not what he said, thankfully. For what it’s worth, RNC Chair Reince Priebus isn’t afraid to make the same claim.

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