Up until the Associated Press scandal dragged the media into the administration’s Scandalpalooza, we could count on just about every news report to revolve around one key question: how does this affect Obama? NPR senior Washington editor Ron Elving hasn’t forgotten those special times. His post at NPR.org this evening is a tribute to the true victim of the many mounting Obama administration scandals: the president’s long-deferred dream of bipartisanship. We’ll skip right to the end, so have tissues ready.

We can now be sure that the capital’s pre-existing condition of partisanship will worsen with complications from multiple investigations, probes and Hill hearings as far as the eye can see. Whatever else that means, it means that the President Obama we have will not be the President Obama he wanted to become.

Ace of Spades isn’t happy with the quality of journalism our tax dollars are buying.

What makes the piece even more sad is that Obama tried so hard to work with Republicans in his first term, but not even another four years will allow him to finally enjoy “a sense of capitulation, a season of acceptance.”

We think this might be Ace’s — that is, Radio Ron’s — audition for a journalism gig at NPR.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.