The West, Texas paramedic accused today of possessing an assortment of bomb-making components certainly didn’t maintain a low profile following the fertilizer plant explosion that killed 15 people on April 17. Bryce Reed, who was charged today with possession of a destructive device, made the media rounds in the days following the explosion, appearing on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” and speaking at a memorial service in Texas attended by President Obama.

Authorities note that the charges filed today do not indicate a link to the fertilizer plant explosion. The arrest, though, does raise questions. For example, the Dallas Morning News reports that Reed was fired just two days after the blast, but emails give no explanation as to why. And that’s not all; tweets about Reed paint a confusing picture.

Reed paid tribute to his friend Cyrus Reed, whom he called “brother” but who was not related — something Cyrus’ relatives would like made clear.

For the curious, Reed’s interview with Anderson Cooper is available on CNN’s site.