It’s amazing how much conservatives still have to learn about themselves. Do you have a business? You didn’t build that. Government built the roads that allow you to get your product to market and paid to educate the workers you hired. And if you’re a Republican who enjoys eating meat, don’t call yourself a free-market capitalist. Some vegan liberal made that Dollar Menu burger possible with his tax dollars.

Finally, Salon contributor and vegetarian David Sirota has blown the lid off of carnivore privilege, echoing Al Gore’s wish that gas prices would skyrocket to discourage the use of oil.

Sirota’s tweet does have meat-eating Republicans considering their options.

Hang on a minute … was it a lack of taxpayer subsidies that had Sandra Fluke paying $3,000 for birth control? Is that what the contraception mandate of Obamacare was all about?

Nice. Is this a better way to respond to differences of opinion?

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