President Obama has said that he’s “very comfortable” with the FDA’s decision to lower to 15 the age at which Plan B emergency contraception can be purchased over the counter, but he’s meeting with resistance from those who’d like no age limit whatsoever. The president cited “solid scientific evidence” for the age cutoff but allowed that that could change, which shouldn’t be a surprise: Democrats can’t seem to nail down a definition of “child,” especially when it comes to the age when personal responsibility kicks in.

It turns out there’s plenty of confusion out there when it comes to adulthood. Remember when Rush Limbaugh attacked that young girl, Sandra Fluke? Or when those two boys blew up the Boston Marathon?

Girls 14 and under might not have to worry about getting their hands on Plan B in any case.

But what if you have to pay for it yourself? That’s the real crime, right?

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