Ouch. Everyone makes mistakes, but Howard Kurtz’ slip-up today was a big one. The Daily Beast writer and CNN host had already published a post and posted a video shaming Jason Collins for coming out of the closet while failing to mention that he had been engaged to a woman. The problem is, the Sports Illustrated piece did include that rather large detail.

To his credit, Kurtz corrected his post and tweeted an apology — which, like most apologies, really should have stopped right before the word “but.”

The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis and others resisted the urge to pile on too gleefully.

The Huffington Post, however, went for the full nelson in its takedown of Kurtz, and not without justification. After all, the central conceit of Kurtz’ judgmental piece centered around the mistaken idea that Collins hadn’t disclosed his engagement, which he clearly had. A quick patch (changing “left out” to “downplayed”) by Kurtz not only didn’t fly far enough under the radar to go undetected; it was flat-out wrong too.

Even Buzzfeed got in on the act, sending Kurtz an email which he proceeded to use as a shovel to dig himself in deeper, calling Collins’ former fiancee’s account of their relationship into question.

Anyone else want in on this?

Hey, not so fast, you two:


At 12:24 p.m. ET on Thursday, The Daily Beast retracted Kurtz’s post.

From the retraction:

The piece contained several errors, resulting in a misleading characterization of NBA player Collins and the story he co-wrote in Sports Illustrated in which the he came out as gay.

. . .

The Daily Beast sincerely regrets Kurtz’s error—and any implication that Collins attempted to hide or obscure the engagement.