It might have taken years and a front-page story in the New York Times to vindicate the late Andrew Breitbart, but it’s only fitting that the story of the Pigford scandal should return to the world of the blogosphere. Today was “Blog about Pigford Day,” and citizen reporters turned their attention to the “runaway train” of government waste fueled in part by bogus charges of racial discrimination.

Why May 1? As explained, “May 1st is a crucial date because corrupt farmers’ settlements for women and Hispanic farmers are STILL open — the claims form is at — but the deadline for these schemes is May 1st.” The New York Times reports that the program could eventually cost up to $4.4 billion. Want to know more about where your tax dollars are going in the name of racial justice? Take your pick.

It might be “blog” about Pigford day, but don’t let that stop you, mainstream media … jump on in!

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