No fewer than two U.S. presidents have weighed in on Washington Wizards center Jason Collins’ announcement that he’s gay. Swooning has been the preferred reaction among media figures and the public, although “Who cares?” is also being accepted as a correct response. The “No H8” crowd has zero tolerance, though, for ESPN’s Chris Broussard and his declaration that he, as a Christian, believes that homosexuality is a sin and living an openly gay lifestyle is “walking in open rebellion to God and Jesus Christ.”

The “unofficial” (and monolithic) Twitter voice of the Oberlin College community has disowned alumnus Broussard.

Will ESPN also disown Broussard? A #FireChrisBroussard hashtag campaign is getting fired up.

“Evening Jones” host Bomani Jones notes that Broussard’s comments should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Broussard’s work. He’s written about his views on homosexuality before and pretty clearly laid out his own standard of tolerance.

From the piece linked by Jones:

Millions of Christians who follow the Bible — and Muslims who follow the Koran and Jews who follow the Torah, as well as many nonreligious Americans — believe homosexuality is wrong.

That doesn’t mean they’re unenlightened. That just means their moral code doesn’t fluctuate based on society’s ever-changing standards. As long as we’re not being violent toward one another, as long as we can be civil, everything should be fine. We don’t have to agree.

Until we can honestly hear each other out — and be civil while doing so — we won’t get anywhere. One thing I hope this article does is encourage people to have frank discussions about sensitive issues such as this one.

Here’s the bottom line: If I can accept working side-by-side with a homosexual, then he/she can accept working side-by-side with someone who believes homosexuality is wrong.

Broussard has found plenty of supporters online as well who urge tolerance for his point of view.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to clarify the source of the block quote.

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