As you’ve heard, tonight is “Nerd Prom” in Washington, D.C., or as others call it, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. How nerdy is it? C-SPAN is broadcasting live from the red carpet and has even declared #nerdprom to be the official hashtag of the event. Like CBS News’ Mark Knoller last night, Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast can’t help but notice just how glitzy the event has become — so much so that no one’s really sure what it’s for, anyway. Maybe next year they’ll tone it down. But this year? Squee!

To be fair, Kurtz’s declaration of ridiculousness was made before Korean pop sensation Psy arrived to remind us what the evening was all about — photos with celebs.

Jealous much? #whcd

"Mr. Spacey, can we get a quick photo with you?" Repeat 1000 times and that is his entire #whcd weekend.

OK, back to the serious business of covering Washington gridlock.