The administration’s sequester scare campaign fizzled when Americans awakened March 1 to business as usual. We were warned, though, that the real pain wouldn’t be felt for a while. And as though flights had never been delayed before, the White House and the media found a way to connect the House GOP to real-life sequester effects: those long lines on the tarmac were the fault of indiscriminate budget cuts by the heartless, soulless animals in the Republican party.

Would moving some money around via the speedy passage of the Reducing Flight Delays Act placate the masses? Of course not. The White House called it nothing more than a temporary Band-Aid, and others saw it as nothing more than a self-serving move for Congressmen to speed up their weekend flights home while children and old people starved. Can Twitter hashtag campaigns convince the president to veto the FAA fix? Which sounds better, #PeopleNotPlanes or #FlightsOverFood?

Time for a quick hijack?