It was just yesterday that the Department of Energy was directing its followers to an online highlight reel of the last four years under Secretary Steven Chu, but not surprisingly, there’s no mention of Solyndra or Fisker; instead, the page touts the department’s $36 billion in Recovery Act investments “to support clean energy jobs across the country.”

Some of the people who hold those few remaining clean energy jobs testified in front of a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today to discuss failed electric car company Fisker’s $529 million loan from the government. Fisker, which was expected to create thousands of new jobs, laid off 75 percent of its workforce earlier this month. How, exactly, does the company expect to pay back its loan when it hasn’t built a car since last summer?

An Energy Department email in June 2010 warned that the company was in trouble, but Fisker continued to receive millions in taxpayer money for another year before the assembly line stopped.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is not amused.

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