Denver Post online news producer Daniel Schneider is reporting that two people were shot at Denver’s annual 4/20 pro-pot rally, which is held in the city’s Civic Center Park. Tweets from others at or near the scene seem to confirm a loud noise and some panic, although injuries have not yet been confirmed.

Misfit Politics’ Brandon Morse is on the scene.

Denver police confirm that one person was shot in the leg.

This overhead view gives a good idea of the size of the crowd (and the volume of smoke).

Good news from the police: the injuries are said not to be life-threatening.


The Denver Post has raw video of the scramble for safety.

Organizers of the event have canceled tomorrow’s scheduled activities.

Morse has posted video of the chaos as well.

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Editor’s note: This post initially referred to Daniel Schneider as a Denver Post photographer. He is a social media and online projects producer for The Denver Post. We apologize for the error.