Louisiana Sen. David Vitter is taking the unusual step of finding out what’s in the Gang of 8’s 800-page immigration bill before voting on it. Better yet, he’s tweeting each #Gof8Fact as he comes across it, and he’s not liking what he sees.

No, it’s not a taxpayer-funded cell phone for illegal immigrants. The Atlantic Wire debunked that notion in great detail, noting that the phones are for border residents who might not have them otherwise. Why would they need phones? Elspeth Reeve explains:

It’s inspired by the 2010 death of Robert Krentz, a 58-year-old rancher from a well-known Arizona family, who was shot to death. Footprints at the scene traced to the Mexican border. His last words were reportedly “illegal and hurt.”

OK, then. U.S. citizens will be eligible for taxpayer-funded phones to call for help, while the secretary of homeland security has six months to submit a “Southern Border Fencing Strategy.” What else?

Only 700 pages to go! We’re not sure if Sen. Harry Reid has read all 800-plus pages, but he likes what he sees in the YouTube video.

OMG! Sen. Bob Menendez declares the Gang of 8’s bill “the best Dream Act ever!”

Will the GOP stand strong?