Never mind for a minute that mass-murder trial going on in Philadelphia; today, the media and its watchdogs are putting each other on trial for ignoring the story of eight alleged murders, including seven newborns. Fox News’ “The Five” was among many outlets that discovered the story today; so, doesn’t it follow that Greg Gutfeld and his co-hosts were essentially responsible for leading the cover-up that isn’t really a cover-up? Media Matters senior fellow Eric Boehlert investigates.

CNN was among those news outlets asking how such a horrifying story had escaped media coverage for so long. Does CNN count on “The Five” to break the news so that every other network and newspaper can follow-up? It seems that way, as CNN senior digital producer Steve Krakauer also called out three of “The Five” for ignoring the same story that CNN hasn’t touched.

Would anyone else from CNN like to pile on? How about CNN contributor Donna Brazile, who entered the Gosnell fray by tweeting Media Matters’ “blame the pro-lifers” take before eventually zeroing in on “The Five” — by linking to … Media Matters.

We guess this is the reason Chris Hayes’ new show is called “All In.” He likes Media Matters’ post too.

At least we finally have the answer to the question, #WhoIsKermitGosnell? Now we know: he’s that evil, evil man Greg Gutfeld and his co-hosts have been covering for. Anything to say for yourself, Gutfeld?


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