When news broke that Mother Jones magazine had obtained a secret recording of a meeting of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign, plenty were left wondering how the media would cover the story, if at all. Was this an example of “good” spying, like the heroic taping of Mitt Romney’s fundraiser, or “bad” spying, like that perpetrated by Linda Tripp or James O’Keefe?

Well, now we know exactly what James O’Keefe thinks about today’s news.

With the FBI reportedly investigating, we’ll understand if Mother Jones Washington bureau chief David Corn doesn’t address O’Keefe’s questions immediately. Besides, he’s been busy talking up the recording all day. As far as he’s concerned, McConnell is the one who should be answering the questions.

O’Keefe has other concerns as well.


James O’Keefe slams Mother Jones editor: ‘We release raw tape from the moment we walk in’