Irrelevant nobody Sarah Palin continues to pop up in the strangest places. As Twitchy reported, Palin made a very good impression on Professor Marc Lamont Hill, who at an airport bumped into the woman he’d recently placed on his list of “15 Most Overrated White People.” Now we can’t help but wonder how smoothly things will go when Palin and Snoop Dogg meet. The former Alaska governor made another list this weekend as Snoop and guests discussed nominations for “the most amazing white woman ever” on Snoop Dogg TV. (Fair warning: the language is more than a little rude.)

This bit was an outtake from the show but was posted separately for some reason. What was Snoop smoking when he decided to do that?

If it makes any difference, the nasty lines are courtesy of Uncle Ruckus, a fictional character from “The Boondocks” comic strip. Fellow guest Aaron McGruder, creator of “The Boondocks,” has turned to Kickstarter to help fund a full-length Uncle Ruckus movie, so if you’d like to see these three minutes stretched out to 100, now’s your chance.

Which will we see first, the Uncle Ruckus live action film or Salon piece explaining how this skit isn’t actually sexist or racist because it’s about Palin?