Wait … we thought the whole point of the 2012 presidential election was to preserve Big Bird’s job security. So why is MSNBC trying to muscle in on “Sesame Street’s” turf and use children to push a social agenda? Word is that this segment of “Political Playground,” during which co-host Krystal Ball talks politics with her 5-year-old daughter Ella, aired on yesterday’s installment of “The Cycle.” No, we weren’t watching either, and now we’re sorry we did. What sort of hateful, close-minded parent teaches her child that a person can’t marry a car?


Serious question, though: while there’s something undeniably adorable about a mother and child shooting the breeze, conversations very much like this one will inevitably be taking place in public school classrooms across the country if (when?) same-sex marriage is legalized nationally. What happens when Ellas and their little friends answer the question, “What is marriage,” incorrectly? Our guess? It won’t go as smoothly as this 3-minute segment.