The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf must have had some straw left over from his recent piece in which he “exposed” Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin as a “xenophobe” for raising the same concerns about border security that Friedersdorf himself had written about — before quietly “evolving” on the issue, apparently. This week, it’s fellow Atlantic writer Joshua Foust’s turn to clean up Friedersdorf’s mess; fortunately, he had help from those with adequate reading comprehension skills.

Friedersdorf’s piece, “Let’s Make Drone Strikes Safe, Legal, and Rare,” is available at The Atlantic’s website, but Foust’s tweets are a better investment of your time.

Oops, wrong link! Why does that sound so familiar…

But that isolated, one-time mixup was last week; back to Foust.

Yes, enough with the capital letters — the big words are hard enough to understand without making them bigger.

Sticking to reading might be a good career choice; writing without doing research first isn’t working out.

The blowback from Friedersdorf’s hit piece on Michelle Malkin hasn’t slowed him down after all. Should we look forward to strike three next week?

* * *


This is fun. Jeffrey Lord has published a piece at The American Spectator today outing Friedersdorf as a “conservative huckster.” Friedersdorf’s response? I never said I was a conservative.