Progressives have been gunning for Dr. Ben Carson ever since his speech at the National Prayer breakfast last month. For failing to extoll the virtues of The One, Carson was branded a race traitor. The vicious epithets continued after he dared to speak at CPAC. MSNBC’s Touré declared that Carson was the GOP’s token “black friend” and suggested that the pediatric neurosurgeon owed his success to the government.

So, who better to weigh in on the GOP’s race problem than Touré? The stupidity was strong during his appearance on Martin Bashir’s show today, but it was compounded exponentially by a graphic of an albino elephant and the phrase, “Blinded by the white.” Really, MSNBC?

As proof of the GOP’s diversity troubles, MSNBC in its report cited BuzzFeed’s recent exposé decrying the overwhelming whiteness of the Republican leadership. And, as Legal Insurrection points out, BuzzFeed knows what overwhelming whiteness looks like.

Can we just be done with this now? Please?

Fortunately, MSNBC suffers from no such “blindness,” and new prime time host and white man Chris Hayes, who is set to replace white man Ed Schultz in the networks coveted 8 p.m. slot, is making sure of it. The Columbia Journalism Review notes that Hayes will bring his “hard quotas” to prime time with him, enforcing his general rule that “if there are four people sitting at a table, only two of them can be white men.”

And none of them will be Dr. Carson, we’d wager.