George Takei’s support of same-sex marriage should surprise exactly no one, considering Takei married partner Brad Altman in a relatively high-profile ceremony in 2008. “Star Trek” fans take pride in the boundaries broken by the show, such as TV’s first interracial kiss, and were quick to lend their support.

The “NoH8” crowd didn’t have nearly as much love for Twitter user @DefendWallSt, who objected to Takei’s appropriation of the “Star Trek” brand to push his political agenda.

Never mind that bit where he said, “I’m for marriage equality.” A number of Takei’s fans didn’t.

Did @DefendWallSt miss the point of “Star Trek,” or did everyone else miss his point about intellectual property? To paraphrase Barry Goldwater, breach of copyright in the defense of same-sex marriage is no vice. And even Leonard Nimoy still “signs” all his tweets LLAP, or “live long and prosper.” So don’t be such a hater, OK?

That was enough to inspire Takei to pull one of those Jedi mind-melds.

Equate opposition to gay marriage to anger and hate, he will. Wait, did we say “opposition”?