It doesn’t even premiere until summer, and we’re already learning things from Meghan McCain’s new talk show on Pivot. It’s news to us, for one, that there is (or will be) a cable channel called Pivot. Don’t blame us for missing that news tidbit; it’s not so easy for young hipsters like ourselves to keep up with the news these days. Like McCain told media buyers at the unveiling of her show, “We’re told … that young people can’t have news because we’re just tweeting all the time, and that’s just bullshit.”

Ace of Spades, for one, is relieved that young people will finally have access to news thanks to McCain.

Nothing — we repeat, nothing — is obvious when it comes to Pivot’s new flagship program. The host assures us the show will be “uncensored” and “real.”

No, it’s already got a name. “Raising McCain” — ’cause her name’s McCain, get it? You’re probably too old to get it.

Tabitha Soren? Wasn’t she, like, the Meghan McCain of the ’80s? It doesn’t matter. The lesson is clearly this: parents, don’t let your children have news, not even from Meghan McCain. Stick to the Twitters. And to Ace of Spades HQ.