We’re sorry we missed this yesterday, and we’re even more sorry to learn that actress Elizabeth Perkins is not an avid Twitchy reader. If she were, she’d know that it —whatever it is — is all about HIM, always. When astronaut Neil Armstrong died, @BarackObama marked the occasion with a photo of Barack Obama. The late Daniel Inouye was remembered with a photo of Barack Obama. The White House marked the Rosa Parks anniversary with a photo of Barack Obama. Pearl Harbor? Barack Obama.

Amy Lutz understands. Yesterday it was about same-sex marriage, and @BarackObama — the Twitter account that’s run by “independent organization” OFA but just happens to share the president’s name — tweeted a photo of Obama to promote #MarriageEquality.

That tweet was enough for Perkins to declare Lutz “not the brightest bulb.”




Perkins has some free advice for those who’d rather not be beset by Obama trolls like her: do not tweet Barack.

Do not tweet Barack, and do not engage Perkins. She’s done doing things for people’s amusement. She’s an actress, not an entertainer.

Those are some aggressive tweets. She must have been really upset when that guy who opposed same-sex marriage was elected in 2008.