We haven’t been this shocked since we saw that study claiming that MSNBC’s “news” programming is dominated by liberal opinion. Their follow-up tweet spoils the shocking surprise: the GOP wants the poor eating roadkill … sort of.

The story, posted on MSNBC’s website, covers Montana’s roadkill salvage bill, which passed the state senate 28-21 (“mostly” along party lines). In February, it was approved by the state house 95-3, despite the fact that Republicans hold only 61 seats. The bill now heads to Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock, “who hasn’t said yet whether he’ll sign it.” (How could he? Does he hate poor people that much?)

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Bill Lavin, explained that the bill would allow law-enforcement officers to issue permits for the salvage of deer, elk, moose and antelope struck by vehicles in the state. While critics claim safety concerns due to a lack of food inspectors, Levin noted that animals killed by hunting aren’t subject to state inspection either. “In Montana, we have a lot of common sense,” he noted. “It’s pretty easy to tell when meat is rotten.”

How about those Republicans, huh? Pulling a stunt like this while the Obama administration is serving up delicious pink slime in the schools.