Is there a United States citizen more committed to liberating law-abiding Americans from their firearms than CNN’s U.K. import Piers Morgan? He does offer a special non-citizen’s perspective, allowing him to alert us to things like the latest American gun atrocity that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Obviously, the heartbreaking fatal shooting of a 13-month-old baby and the wounding of its mother by two teen thugs demanding money in Brunswick, Ga., is nothing short of an atrocity. Sadly, we’re to the point where the shock of hearing such news is quickly eclipsed by gun control lobbying. Many of Morgan’s followers, though, were quick to point out that none of the gun control proposals he’s backed would have prevented it.

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We’re hearing word of more knife violence in the United Kingdom. When will Parliament do something about Brits and their sharp object culture? Piers, you’re needed back home ASAP!