As Twitchy reported, “Saturday Night Live” alumnus Norm Macdonald deleted a series of tweets on religion and faith after atheists piled on, informing him that “religion is the worst thing to ever happen to this planet.” We were disappointed to see the tweets disappear in a flood of intolerance, and now Macdonald has said he’ll stick to “jokes and golf.” Macdonald is a comedian, and we hope he’s just kidding about censoring himself to appease the tolerance bullies.

Macdonald did retweet this message of support, but clarified that he’s a believer in scripture “sometimes.” If this is his attempt to stick to jokes and golf, he’s failing already, and we’re glad about that.

Fans and supporters were quick to point out that an apology was far from necessary.

Now that’s comedy.

This wrap-up tweet explains … very little. In any case, we’ll be rooting for Macdonald to break his “jokes and golf” rule.