That Sarah Palin is so dumb. She thought she was taking a swipe at government overreach by pausing to take a sip of a Big Gulp during her CPAC speech today, but really, she was just exposing her ignorance yet again. Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s “arbitrary and capricious” ban on sugary drinks wouldn’t technically cover the Big Gulp® as sold by 7-Eleven®. The convenience store isn’t covered by the soda ban. Don’t you rubes understand Bloomberg’s perfectly reasonable legislation? The New York Post’s Kyle Smith (not one of the libs to which the title refers) sets the record straight for those of us outside New York City limits.

Fortune explains:

Bloomberg’s policy applies to restaurants and delis, but it doesn’t cover grocery stores and convenience stores like 7-Elevens because they’re not regulated by the Board of Health, which grades the quality of businesses where more than 50% of annual sales come from food for immediate consumption. The State Department of Agriculture and Marketing regulates convenience stores. This might seem like an arbitrary technicality, but it’s more than that. Bloomberg’s policy got the OK from the Board of Health, whose members were appointed by the mayor.

In any case, liberals were anxious to pounce on Palin’s “gaffe.” We can’t confirm the following aren’t parody accounts.

Got that? People are dying every day from sugary drinks, so Bloomberg bans them in servings larger than 16 oz., then adds that nothing can stop you from buying two if you’d like more. And if the restaurant you’re in can’t sell you that lethal large cola, you can buy one from the 7-Eleven next door. Oh, and Palin’s the idiot.

Editor’s note: This post has been amended to clarify that Kyle Smith is not one of the “libs” to which the title refers. While it was not our intention to suggest that Smith is a liberal, we apologize for any misunderstanding.