The bartender — um, videographer  — who set up a camera at a Mitt Romney fundraiser last May and caught the candidate’s “47 percent” comment on tape has gone public and is being lauded as perhaps the greatest American hero of our time. Ed Schultz devoted a full hour tonight to Scott Prouty, focusing at length on the great risk he took by anonymously handing over a videotape that was shot in a room filled with cameras.

Cue the booming movie trailer voice for Moore’s next film: “In a ROOM FULL OF CAMERAS, only ONE MAN had the COURAGE.”

Whatever the danger, Obama’s supporters have Prouty’s back.

Prouty’s right about not having to pay $50,000 to find out what a candiate really thinks. Obama’s fundraiser with Jay-Z and Beyoncé was only a reasonable $40,000 a head. What kind of person has $50,000 for a fundraiser? (Or a cool half-million for quarterly face-time with the president?)

Can a presidential phone call be far behind? A beer summit maybe?

What career advice does Prouty have for Romney?