George W. Bush and his wife Laura have for the most part managed to stay above the fray since leaving the White House, and tonight’s tweet from the Bush Center was no exception. In case you missed it, CNN’s Erin Burnett managed to throw viewers for a loop by asking the former first lady if the U.S. needs to “accept” the anti-Semitic, anti-American views of Samira Ibrahim, who recently disappeared from the State Department’s “Women of Courage” page.

Newsbusters has the video of the exchange, in which Burnett asks:

An Egyptian woman, her name’s Samira Ibrahim, and she’s done a lot of things, courageous things. She’s also been criticized for sending tweets that are anti-Semitic, anti-American. Does the U.S. need to accept that when we want to make change? You have to support people that do those things – financially in term of awards, in terms of all these things – because it pays off in the end? Is that a trade-off we have to make?

Even the bumblers at our State Department (after sufficient public outcry) refused to accept Ibrahim’s “courageous” stand against the “Zionist lobby.” Kudos to Mrs. Bush for handling the ridiculous question with class.


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