Oh, good, hip-hop mogul and yogi Russell Simmons is tweeting about rights today. Fans of the Constitution might not recognize this most recent condition placed on our rights: they’re valid only if you fight to give them to others. You might think, then, that Simmons might be a fan of Colion Noir, that “black guy with a Yankees hat” who has been picked up by NRA News to defend the Second Amendment for all Americans.

Even after Simmons accused him of “promoting more violence” in his fight for gun rights, Noir went right on fighting to preserve those rights for others. Maybe someone can recruit Simmons to join the fight for the right to a Big Gulp.

We wonder if Simmons tossed his copy of the Constitution into the trash with some other books that have served their purpose.

However dear Second Amendment rights are (or are not) to Simmons’ followers, suggesting the Bible has served its purpose didn’t sit well.


If Simmons’ followers are going to cling so bitterly to their Bibles, what’s the chance of grabbing their guns?