Would anyone mind if we just copied and pasted our post on Fareed Zakaria getting busted for plagiarism and changed the name to Juan Williams? It’s pretty much the same scenario: “real journalist” Juan Williams was busted for plagiarizing entire paragraphs for a column published by The Hill last month. Williams blames his researcher and says he feels “betrayed,” so we’re supposed to feel bad for him or something.

For what it’s worth, the paragraphs which made it into Williams’ column on the immigration debate were lifted from a report by the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank. At least Williams had the sense not to read from the report while in front of a TV camera, but he didn’t have the sense to check his researcher’s work before running with it.

Sooper Mexican has rounded up some media coverage of Williams’ no-no, and much like the treatment liberal Democrat Bob Beckel received when he made his outrageous comments on campus rape, Williams is now a generic “Fox News pundit.”

We hope funny bones are covered under Obamacare, ’cause comedian Elayne Boosler is in the house!


It’s funny because it’s true! Except that it’s not true.

Wait, Juan Williams is a liberal Democrat lifting material from a lefty think tank? Is that possible?

Go back to sleep, Brian Ross. Tireless media watchdog Howard Kurtz has got this.

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