Republican Sen. Rand Paul won plaudits from some unexpected quarters yesterday with his 13-hour filibuster over the administration’s drone policy. Van Jones, Code Pink and Hollywood dove John Cusack tweeted their support, but comedian and “Saturday Night Live” alumnus Colin Quinn thought he’d play the contrarian and tweet, #randpaulswrong.

Actually, Quinn is wrong in saying that Paul is necessarily anti-drone. The focus of the filibuster was on due process for American citizens and the distinction between imminent and immediate threat.

We can’t vouch for the quality (or even the existence) of Quinn’s new show, but he brings up an important point that might have been lost in the enthusiasm for Paul’s efforts yesterday — drones have taken out enemies pretty efficiently. Code Pink might have put together a nice thank you note for the senator yesterday, but will they still love him tomorrow?

If anyone’s better at trolling than Colin Quinn, it’s his followers.

* * *

Update: Mr. Quinn is learning that becoming America’s preeminent drone comedian isn’t all that glamorous.