Blowing minds is business as usual at your average TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference, and today in Long Beach, Calif., writer and Whole Earth Catalog editor Stewart Brand lit up imaginations with his presentation on “de-extinction.”

Biotech is going to “liberate conservation”? Does that mean what we think it means? Pretty much.

But dinosaurs are what we want! Groundbreaking special effects aside, “Jurassic Park” really did inspire the public at large to ask, “Why couldn’t we bring back dinosaurs?” — and that was 20 years ago. What are the practical applications (and can we at least get a wooly mammoth)?

[Update: Suja Lowenthal is a member of the city council in Long Beach, Calif.]

Oh man, humans get the blame for everything. At least Brand, founder of the Long Now Foundation, has the boldness to reach back not to the invention of the SUV but to the previous 10,000 years of human existence.

Is it too early to lobby for which species to bring back (and which not to bring back)?