Even if the president’s dire predictions of tainted meat and out-of-control wildfires wreaking havoc across the nation didn’t faze you, surely you were touched by the sad-looking seal that accompanied the Washington Post’s story on sequestration cuts. The Washington Post has decided not to mess with success and has more than doubled down; today’s Wonkblog features 21 zoo animals that “have strong feelings on the sequester.”

What does Buzzfeedy mean? This is what Buzzfeedy means.


The Washington Post has some serious sequestration coverage as well, because like the president said, this is serious business, and the GOP is to blame. As Dennis Kelly, director of the National Zoo, told a Washington Post reporter, “I have a very ill anteater right now.”

Won’t someone think of the poor zoo animals?

The Atlantic’s Molly Ball has an idea.

The Huffington Post, for its contribution to the upcoming sequestration apocalypse, ups the ante by offering this important slide show: