We’re with Newt Gingrich so far. It’s obvious that President Obama is actively trying to make the sequester, which even PolitiFact and NPR have had to admit was his idea in the first place, sound as painful as possible. ABC News yesterday released its list of “57 Terrible Consequences of the Sequester,” ranging from meat shortages to an increase in terrorism. But who decided on those cuts, and why did they do such a bad job of trimming the fat?

That too is not a bad idea. As Twitchy reported yesterday, plenty of people independently decided that a few thousand fewer TSA agents — or none at all — would be a sacrifice they could live with.

Or, we could lose a few paper shufflers and airport gropers. Anyone else have ideas for the people’s sequester?


Many were less concerned with Gingrich’s plan for a people’s sequester than they were stymied by his suggestion that the nation’s capital has high rise buildings in which to shuffle paper.

Oh well. Gingrich’s first attempt at a Vine posting fared better with the Twitter critics.