Mission accomplished? As Twitchy reported, Buzzfeed reported on Bob Beckel’s outrageous comments on campus rape by referring to him only as a “Fox News host,” ignoring the fact that Beckel is the Democrat representative on “The Five,” and only later sneaking the “liberal” label into its coverage. Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski argued that no one knows who Beckel is, that’s all — it certainly wasn’t an attempt to tar Fox News as rape deniers.

And yet…





That’s not a bad idea, but if you’re sincere in your effort to educate, it would be more effective to email the one host on “The Five” who hadn’t heard of rape happening on campus. His name is Bob Beckel, and he’s a Democrat, by the way.


Bob Beckel’s appalling dismissal of rape sparks backlash; Lib media shamefully cover the (D); Update: Cretin clarification