For the record, that’s the editor of Think Progress tagging BuzzFeed’s “sexiest U.S. presidents” feature with the #toofar hashtag. But why put Sarah Palin’s and BuzzFeed’s Presidents Day observances together for this post? Because every once in a while, we need to remind ourselves what the media has taught us: that Sarah Palin is supposedly the ignorant one, got it?

“Most BuzzFeed-y” is a very good way to put it. This Presidents Day, BuzzFeed asks us to look back on the nation’s history and decide which presidential hotties were the “most bone-able.” (They’re all men, so it’s not sexist, OK?) Our current president escaped nomination, but the first lady garnered a special mention.

For her part, Palin posted her Presidents Day observance to Facebook. Here’s an excerpt, but the whole thing is worth reading — just because it’s so stupid, you know. LOL!

It should be considered an honor to celebrate Presidents’ Day, particularly with the understanding that President George Washington is at the heart of this patriotic observance. With every passing day, as we recognize the true state of our union, we can appreciate even more those, like President Washington, who have served with pure motives and a true sense of purpose, who loved this nation more than self and truly sacrificed for her future.

Take a minute today to reflect on those who came before us and laid the foundation that was to be the solid rock on which future generations were built, then be inspired to fight for the restoration of all that made America a shining light in the world! Our past demands it, our present desperately requires it, and the world’s future depends on it.

Presidents’ Day reminds us that we have been uniquely blessed by God. Be grateful for the rights He has given us, and please honor those who have given themselves for the preservation of those rights. Let us reject any attempt to fundamentally transform our nation because we want our children and their children to know the American exceptionalism we have enjoyed and to deem it worthy of protecting. Freedom isn’t free, be willing to fight for it.

Speaking of fighting for freedom, in a separate post Palin honored murdered SEAL Chris Kyle with Todd Palin’s entry into the 2013 Alaska National Guard Iron Dog snowmobile race.

Super-awesome? You betcha.