When we reported on the sick prank caller who inserted himself into live coverage of the Christopher Dorner standoff, we had no idea that his call wouldn’t even rank among the dumbest things said on the air this afternoon. Howard Kurtz and Wolf Blitzer were vying for the title of most ridiculous observation, but Chris Matthews isn’t about to be outdone. We had hoped the idiotic #negrospotting trend would have been left behind with the last of the campaign confetti, but progressive of pallor Matthews will not be contained.

Chris, the mayor is a wise man. Listen to him. Learn. Take some time off if you need to.


Wow, when it comes to douchebaggery, Matthews has really upped his productivity. It might be the adrenaline.

OK, now that he’s asked, we’re curious. We can assume there are more African-Americans living in Big Bear than there are on the air at MSNBC, but how many?