Sen. Marco Rubio won’t be the only senator delivering a response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech. The political action committee Tea Party Express announced this afternoon that Sen. Rand Paul will give the official Tea Party response immediately after Rubio’s. So, is having not one but two senators speak an embarrassment of riches, or possibly an embarrassing sign that the GOP is seriously divided?

The Tea Party response isn’t new; both Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain have stepped up to offer a response to Obama’s speech.

A tweet today from Paul’s office might give some idea. “Republican savior” Rubio’s recent participation in the “Gang of 8’s” immigration reform proposal raised red flags with plenty of conservatives who saw a remake of amnesty in the works, despite Rubio’s insistence that a lack of attention to border security was a “deal breaker.”

If it’s simply a matter of jockeying for position for 2016, there’s plenty of time to listen to what both senators have to say.

At this rate, how long before we see rocker and cultural ambassador nominee Andrew W.K. give the “Too Party” response?