This might be a job for #PolitiFactThis. It’s “mostly true” that you haven’t been hearing about the wave of support for accused cop-killer Christopher Dorner — you’ve been reading about it here on Twitchy since early yesterday afternoon. We’re more horrified than intrigued, though, that anyone would consider someone suspected of killing three people a “Django”-like hero. Then again, Dorner didn’t praise our work in his lengthy manifesto, as he did CNN. His love of Left-leaning media seems to have spurred a mutual admiration society.

Lemon said on CNN he certainly wasn’t justifying what Dorner has allegedly done, but “it appears from his manifesto that he is, you know, he wasn’t crazy when he wrote his manifesto.” Question: did Lemon actually read the whole thing, or just the parts that the media decided to share? In either case, Dorner’s motivation is “something that we need to talk about.”

Hey everyone, calm down.