Senator Patrick Leahy was quick to praise the president for doing the right thing tonight and directing the Justice Department to share with Congress classified information about drone strikes against Americans suspected of terrorist activity. Of course, he could have done the right thing before tonight, but with NBC leaking the memo Monday and John Brennan facing a confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee tomorrow, the timing just seemed right.

NPR’s Carrie Johnson reported that, according to the administration, “the release is extraordinary and does not set a precedent.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who wants to take weapons of war off American streets (and perhaps keep them in the air over foreign countries where they belong), was also pleased to be included in the process. Like David Frum whined yesterday, making these decisions is a “heavy, heavy burden” for the president, and Congress could do its part to shoulder that weight (now that the memo has leaked and Congress has been let in on the secret).

Hypocritical, certainly, but wrong?

Exactly. It’s nice to finally hear it from the Left.