So, what is Bluefin Labs? It looks like this:

OK, that could be anything. What makes Twitter’s acquisition such a big deal? Bluefin tracks Twitter “chatter” in response to television programming, giving advertisers a better idea of who’s watching what, what they’re saying about it, and how to get people talking.

Twitter’s COO Ali Rowghani explained in a blog post today that the acquisition will help Twitter “create innovative new ad products and consumer experiences in the exciting intersection of Twitter and TV.”

As millions of people around the world experienced during Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast, Twitter is an amazing complement to live television viewing. We look forward to working with Bluefin and our partners in the television industry to make the experience of Twitter and television even better.

In December, Twitter partnered with Nielsen to develop the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating, and Bluefin will add an essential piece to that puzzle.